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Promotion Instruction
  Calplus Group Lien Bon Trading Co., Ltd. Nov. 20, 2004

Promotion Instruction of Calplus “Calcium Ion Alkaline Water” Plant
Ⅰ、 Forewords:
• The inevitable industrialization
• The effects of the alkaline water
The reason why alkaline water cannot be a mass production?
• The classification Table of the Calplus.

Ⅱ、 Explanation


•  Water can be also aged.

  •  The water plant around the world is looking for other way out.
  •  The profit analysis of the “Calcium Ion Alkaline Water”.
  •  The national and international honorable approvals and evaluation of the “Calcium Ion Alkaline Water”.
  •  The applicable parties and commercial purpose of alkaline water.
  •  The recent report on mass media regarding “Calcium Ion Alkaline Water”.

Ⅲ、 Methods: (See inside page)


Ⅰ、 Forewords:

  (1) The inevitable industrialization : The acid poison source of big environment …. the woe of industrial society

•  The animal flesh poison – antibiotic, hormone, appetite stimulating medicine, growth hormone, corpse poison…

•  Processing poison – Pigment, antiseptic, artificial additive, refined sugar/salt, alcohol…

•  Vegetable poison – Pesticide, chemical fertilizer, sterilizing agent, anti-mildew agent, fresh-reservation agent …

•  Medicine poison – Antihistaminie, steroid, aniline hydrochloride, amphetamine …

•  Clothes poison – Fluorescence, fresher, bleach, bromate element …

•  Residence poison – Disinfectant, aroma, chemical paint, glue, pesticide …

•  Air poison – Suspended particle, fluoric and chloride carbonized item, lead, rubber powder, smoke toxic …

Cosmetics poison – Pigment, fragrance, anti-oxidation, isopropyl, toluene, formaldehyde …

“Big environment has caused the acid body character (acid poison) of the general public”.


According to statistics: 85% of the cancer patients have been detected the ”acid body character”

•  Acid body character will endanger the normal cells, which will die gradually; the procedure will be: “turning acid, inflammation, ulcer, tumor, turned into cancer cells…” etc., steps.

•  An “alkaline body character” must be quickly created, and drinking water will be most economical, efficient to do so.

  (2) The effects of the alkaline water : The reason why alkaline water cannot be a mass production ?

A cup of clean water would not be able to satisfy the human demand for health because the degree of acid body is getting more and more quickly. There is absolutely a need for “alkaline water” to discharge the poison remained inside the body. Therefore, the fourth generation water revolution is the “alkaline water”, which not only will become the mainstream of drinking water, but also will be the hottest choice of the water plants.


a. Neutralize the poison

● Calplus has high pH to dissolve alkaline and to neutralize the excessive “acid poison” inside the body.

● Alkaline water may effectively remove the free radical, which is the best anti oxidation agent.

● The ionic water has strongest infiltration ability, which may quickly enter and exit the cells, allow the cells quickly supplement water, and speed up the dissolution, remove the poison that must be metabolized soon.

b. Remove stones

● Calcium ion may dissolve the cholesterol or uric acid crystals or stones hardened inside the blood vessel.

c. Improve body character

● Create alkaline body character, balance the pH value, proliferate cells, inhibit bacteria from growing.

● Alkaline calcium, magnesium, and potassium ions with positive charge are easy to be absorbed and utilized by human body, so they may reinforce the internal organs, enhance blood circulation, quickly discharge the uric acid and poison inside the body.

● Great amount of cell proliferation will show apparent “improving reaction”.

d. Activate oxygen

● Has more negative hydroxide ion, which may increase the oxygen dissolution amount in water.

● The cells and blood may get sufficient oxygen, which will be uneasy to turn into cancer cells.

e. Tongue diagnosis

● People who are acid body character will resist the alkaline water, so those whose internal organs are not well regulated will feel sour heart, bitter liver, dried stomach, offensive smell kidneys, nausea (for example: those who are not good at heart will feel the acid taste after drinking); the tongue diagnosis is the wisdom of our ancestor that may prevent the upcoming illness.

● It can manufacture and sell “thick/light/added yeast” total three kinds of alkaline water.

f. Ion resistance

● Put high calcium mineral group that have many strong alkaline with high-tech resistance (inhibition) formula to make a poison-free and harmless high unit strong alkaline, thus it may neutralize strong acid poison.

● General electrolysis water is unable to do the ion resistance treatment, the vitality of its ion is much unstable, it is better not drink too much as long as it is more than pH9, otherwise it will burn and damage human body tissues.

● Once general electrolysis water left the magnetic field, it will resume the original water after two days, there is no rich mineral contained due to the unnatural electric shock effect.

● Electrolysis water may increase the magnesium/ potassium concentration, which will make you palpitation if drinking too much.


•  A needle will penetrate the human body, but 1000 needles may let a body lay above without feeling pain; resistance effect is to integrate many sharp and strong alkaline ion by means of high-tech ion exchange method and under nanometer process to put the physics of all minerals for complete change so the poison-free and harmless high concentration alkaline ion powder is made.

•  In 1992, it has passed the poison-free experiment inspection under the supervision of the Health Department/Food Hygienic of China. Please refer to Appendix 7 of this manual.

The water doctor of the great nature
Calcium ion water patented water-making machine

(3) The classification Table of the Calplus


1800 ℃ -2500 ℃

Electrolysis, yeast germ

2800 ℃ -3500 ℃ vacuum hi-pressure, gasified electrolysis

Laser electrolysis: vacuum hi-pressure, gasified


Grade Remarks

Dragon bone

8 th grade /ion tablet

9 th grade /supplement tablet


Oyster shell

Pearl shell

Mountain oyster

Natural seashell

Sea tree vine


Pearl drop (Calcium)


10 th grade/ Reinforced tablet




11 th grade / butan tablet
•  Water purifier
•  Calplus water machine

Agate, jade




Rare elements




Gold ion




•  Basic ingredients under 8 th grade: Ca 52.21%, Na 1.20% Mg 0.25%, P 0.083%, K 27mg/kg, Fe 155 mg/kg, Cu 7.7mg/kg, Zn< 0.1 mg/kg…etc

•  Calplus is pure natural ion calcium tablet, which will be ionized after adding water without being processed by gastric acid and is absorbed by small intestine directly. It is a great breakthrough as calcium is hard to be absorbed inside the human body. (Most calcium tablet is compound calcium, or must be taken with Vitamin D/K to be absorbed; for old people who do not move too much or expose under the sunlight, it is improper to take general calcium tablet)

Note 1: Seahorse god – may speed up medicine/alcohol poisoned people or those abstained from opium, to be enhance the acid toxic cells neutralized and turn into alkaline body character. Due to it might direct the abnormal brain wave to positive so it may metabolize the poison in 10 days. That is why it is used a lot by domestic and foreign drug abstaining center.

Note 2: This product must require doctor prescription to purchase.


Ⅱ、 Explanation 1: Can water be also aged?

  ( Note ) : Alkaline water may improve the “function” shortcoming of the Bottled water sold on the market.

1. Won't last long

•  Though bottled water sold on the market indicated it can be stored for 1 year, but its “Hydrogen key” of water molecule will be changed and getting longer to lose its original vitality, and may also turn acid and be damaged during the storage and transportation.

•  The distilled water or reverse infiltration pure water are seriously short of minerals, electrolysis water or magnetic vitalized water cannot be stored for long term neither.

•  Especially the electrolysis water that is the product of artificial electrified process, which will resume the original water after 2 hours. This “Calplus” alkaline water comes from natural “mineral” dissolved alkaline, as long as it is proper stored and not oxidated, it can be stored for a long time without losing its vitality and precious nutrients.

2. Resistor

● When water has high resistor or bad conductivity, it will reduce the active oxygen conductivity and the metabolism function of the cells on human body.

3. Bad poison neutralization

● Alkaline water may completely neutralize the acid poison in human body, and as Calplus has taken from natural high calcium minerals so after ionized treatment, it carries strong positive charge and the vitality is greater, the molecule group is smaller, infiltration force is strongest. To compare Calplus to general electrolysis product of “alkaline water” sold on the market, on health and medical aspect, it is ten times higher. The best active water approved by the whole world has come from France , which contains rich minerals, and only used as health care: the “Perrier” mineral water

4. Inconspicuous function

•  A normal adult has about 5 liters of blood, the sample can be detected 10mg each 100mg, of which the calcium ion is about 4mg, and if it is less than 1.5mg, it might cause death.

•  Alkaline ion water may quickly make up the insufficient calcium ion ingredient of human body, so it is incomparable to general mineral water.


Note: It can be used for commercial purpose as the followings:
【 Make tea 】 : Get rid of bitter and dry taste, vitalize yeast, and double the sweet taste.
【 Mix with wine 】 : Smooth and good taste, prevent from getting drunk, make the long lasting drunk and headache go away.
【 Milk 】 : Make up high calcium; get rid of the chemical poison in milk.
【 Wash vegetables 】 : Get rid of stink smell, decompose pesticide and chemical poison.
For further information, please refer to Appendix 17.

Explanation 2 : The water plant around the world is looking for other way out ? Unable to find new ways of doing things from old stories, the operation advantage will be replace.


a. Successful examples

● The Yongcheng Waterworks at Guangdong Province (Refer to: http://www.ycwater.com.cn/docc/yctd _2.htm ) is the first “Calcium Ion” alkaline water plant under the assistance and guidance in of China .

b. New technology for water making

•  The principle on making calcium ion water:

【 Note 】 : Please refer to the water quality inspection report on Appendix 1 and 2.

•  This “Calplus purifier” has taken from natural high calcium minerals such as: natural seashell, coral, oyster shell, agate, pearl, dragon bone, etc., to add in natural sea salt to mix in proportion after washing, granulating. It has applied high-tech patented “ion” exchange method to filter the ion carried positive charge crystal matter, then go through second process of vacuum, high temperature and gasified to make.

•  Users may apply the “ion exchange water purification method” to put the “Calplus purifier” into water, which may neutralize the organic and inorganic, heavy metal, germ group, etc., impurities. Due to it has proper ratio of excellent mineral element so after “Double Ionized Water” drink is completed; it can be put out for market sales to benefit the general public.

•  It may make Health grade (pH 7.5 – 8.0) and Medical grade (pH 8.0-11) of calcium ion alkaline water to supply for sale. If drinking medical grade alkaline water, there will be strong or weak “improving reaction”. This Calplus has a complete medical experiment and documents for guidance and reference.

•  The recipe for calcium ion alkaline water covered drink and meal, which has very unique taste.

•  Enclosed with the inspection report of purified water products submitted by two water plants under the supervision of Calplus Group. (Jyi-An-Jia of Taiwan / Yongcheng Waterworks of Guangdong Province ). The data indicated the sterilization ability and purity of the alkaline water offered by Calplus is about 100%.


Explanation 3 : The profit analysis of the “Calcium Ion Alkaline Water”.

( Example ) : The public analysis of operating cost for Yongcheng Calcium-ion Alkaline Waterworks at Guangdong Province (Currency Unit: Renminbi)

● 1 Kg of Calplus purifier water powder can make 10 tons of Calcium-ion AlkalineWater.

10 tons of Calcium-ion Alkaline Water = 10,000 Kgs = 10,000,000cc

10,000,000cc may fill up the 600cc volume bottle for total 16,666 bottles of Calcium

Ion Alkaline Water.

● One Ton of Calplus purifier water powder can make 16,666.000 bottles ofCalcium-ion Alkaline Water.
The average cost of one bottle of mineral water plus operating cost at China isabout Renminbi 1.0Calplus Calcium-ion Alkaline Water has excellent quality, the introduction tag is beautiful, for 600cc bottle, it can be sold up to 3.0
16,666.000 bottles x 3.0 = 49,998,000 Renminbi (gross)
One Ton of Calplus purifier water powder FOB price is Renminbi 3,750,000 (equal to NT$15 million)
The patent consuming material for water purification is 25,000 Renminbi per ton(calculated with everyday water making unit)
Gross profit deducted Calplus water purified powder + consumption cost :

49,998,000 – 400,000 = 49,598,000

Further deduct the 600cc mineral water cost + operating cost 1.0

49,598,000 - 16,666,000 = 32,932,000

If invest two million dollars for media advertisement, then

32,932,000 – 2,000,000 = 30,932,000 (Net profit for ionized powder per ton)

•To invest on Calplus purifier powder + consumption parts for 400,000 Renminbi per ton, its added values are as the followings:

•  Create new business opportunity for mineral water plant: The 4 th generation revolutionary product – Calcium Ion Alkaline Water

•  Initiate new concept that active water discharges the poison: Neutralize the getting worse acid poison in human body, economic, fast and effective.

•  Lead the new trend of alkaline water: The first the winner, build up the new brand in consumer's mind.

•  National grade approval as strong endorsement: The highest honor of the Health Department at China , excellent mouth propaganda for more than 30 years.

•  The active water business from generation to generation: Area authorization on province and city basis to guarantee the operation and reduce the competitive risk.

•  Functional drink with high profit: Increase new product, upgrade the competition ability, and increase the everlasting operation income.

•  Create a new recipe for business purpose water: It can be used to wash, take a shower, drink and make hot drink to create new food taste.

•  Enhance the new technology for health of general public: Based on ion medical to promote the new wisdom of “all disease came from one source”.

•  Effectuate the new steps of health care and prevention: Get rid of acid poison regularly, no sticky and opal blood, no disease around, no need to see doctor.

•  Reinforce the energy and strengthen the marrow, also, reinforce the immunity: All disease is originated from sour and short of calcium is the cause, ionized calcium may supplement the osteoporosis.

•  An excellent drink to prevent from aging: Anti-oxygen is acid resistance and anti-aging, this is the best choice for long life.

•  Real supplement nutrition after illness: The rich and high calcium may mend the tissues; quickly enhance the cells reproduction and strengthening.

•  The only product to rule out the arthritis and stones: Rich dissolved alkaline may decompose acid stone, create alkaline body character and stay away from stones.

•  Weight control and keep slim: Quickly discharge fat, acid poison and no excessive tissues being accumulated (good for urinating).

•  No near-sighted, no cavity: Calcium strengthens up the bone, the dissolved alkaline may remove the crystal acid poison, and high calcium may prevent bone corrupts; we do best for the health of our country fellow.

A joint venture for water filling station: Authorization for operation of “Family type” calcium ion water machine, “Street type” filling water station, “Calcium water chained stores” “Ion water bank”…

For the eight big experimental illustrations for Calcium Ion Alkaline Water,

please refer to our website: http://www.calplus.com.tw/pro/pro4. htm

There is no water like alkaline water around the world to have such experimental effects as illustrated.

Explanation 4 : The national and international honorable approvals and evaluation of the “Calcium-ion Alkaline Water” in the past 30 years.

•  No. 88078922 Authentification of Food issued by Health Department of Taiwan.

•  No. 14613 Authentification issued by FDA of USA for “Jyi-An-Jia” Active Precious of Calplus.

•  Approved for sale by Environmental Protection Bureau of Singapore with No. PCD017 and PSB-29S0002287-EO.

•  Had met the WHO standard from inspection conducted by Hong Kong ITS on water quality with No. HJ00137259 of 2003.

•  Patent No. 53-143553 and No. 55-42402 from the test by Food Center of Japan.

•  1992 Health Department , China . Food “Active Calcium Ion” with National Standard No. GB9990-88.

Conferred with “King Ning Award” in 1992 International Medical Engineering Technology Product Exhibition at Nanking City .

Passed the human body and poison principle experiment No. 92(10) by Preventive Medical School in 1992. The Health Department of China .

WTO has listed Calplus as the only world grade “Calcium agent” at the world calcium supplement year in 1992.

•  In 1993, The Health Department of China approved “new resource” – Wei-Hsing-Shih-Shih-Tze No. (93)002.

1993, Yeh-Shih-Wei-shih-Tze No. 074 , Guangdong Province

In 1993, won the “Delicate Product Award” at Beijing city, Domestic and abroad old aged people everyday health care exhibition

In 1993, won the “Golden Award” at Fuchou city, on Domestic and Abroad Health Care Nutrition Product exhibition

•  In 1996, the Health Department, China : passed the inspection of Functional Health Care Food: Chien-Tze No. (96)020.

In 2003, Taiwan . Won “Golden Quality Award” from the Evaluation for Health Care Food for “Geancha” Active Precious of Calplus

The official evaluation of Calplus from China :

a)When Calplus first entered China, in view of the strong effects and functions, and that WTO has listed Calplus as the only world grade “Calcium agent”, the relative of President Li-Peng, Yeh Ming-Cheng presented it to the higher rank right away, and the Health Department of China has put Calplus the national grade “New Resource No. 002”… 【 Please see Appendix 3: Wei-Hsing-Shih-Shih-Tze No. (93) 002 】

b) In 1996, the Health Department, China . The national publication “Health Care of China” 12 th issue has greatly recommended Calplus with 95% of the coverage, which was the best promotion and confirmation for private business product from the government in the history.

c) We are the only one who passed the poison principle experiment by “Food Health Supervision and Inspection Office of Health Department, China” among the 59 health food on No. 70 document issued on 1996. (Please see Appendix 4)

d) Under the supervision of the government in three years of time to proceed with six items of human body experiment at “Preventive Medical School/Nutrition and Food Health Research”; there were: Chen, Hsiao-Shu, Lo Yun-yun, Tai Yin, Pai Jin, etc., more than ten professors got involved in this project. (Please see Appendix 5)

Advantages of “Calcium-ion Alkaline Water”


High solubility

Ion has strong charge, which may easily exchange all of the organic/inorganic matter at ion and non-ion status.

Strongest antiseptic

More than 7.5 pH quality, “dissolve alkaline” water with best bacteria inhibition effect (no rotten on yolk after five days of immersion.

Max. Oxygen content

The Oxygen molecules is more than the Hydrogen in alkaline water, it detected big change on hemoglobin when observed at 300 folds of microscope.

Fastest penetration

Ionic water has the smallest molecule but strongest infiltration ability, which may easily dissolve animal flesh and corpse poison and neutralize the poison.

Best conductivity

Alkaline water has the least resistor but best conductivity, which is helpful for conduction of human body biologic current.

Best anti-oxidation

Alkaline water is highly anti-oxidation that no rust on nails after being immersed; anti-oxidation is anti-acid and anti-ages.

Neutralize poison

Acid poison cannot be neutralized without alkaline water, because any good water cannot neutralize any poison.

Best freshness reservation

Rich high calcium mineral element may effectively and speedily supplement animal/plant with the necessary minerals.


Explanation 5 :
The applicable parties and commercial purpose of alkaline water

Applicable parties and purpose of alkaline water

•  Water is the King of medicine, which is also the best food in the world. People ranged from 0 to 100 years old all need water.

•  Pregnant women: due to high-calcium supplement may prevent pain of before giving birth uncomfortable and short of calcium after giving birth.

•  Infant: Alkaline may neutralize the fetal poison, strengthen the bone quality, help the stomach to absorb nutritious food.

•  Youth and adolescent: Supplement the “sodium, calcium, magnesium, and iodine… etc., elements that youth and adolescent needed due to growth and exercise.

•  Middle aged: Neutralize the poison left or accumulated inside the body in long term and improve the body character thoroughly.

•  Old people: Extend the aging, supplement high calcium, avoid bone becoming brittle further, and strengthen up the immunity.

•  Other purposes of the calcium ion alkaline water:

1.Quickly neutralize the effect of alcohol drink: to make into ice cube may neutralize the alcohol; drink before sleeping may neutralize the effect of alcohol drink/headache problem.

2. Save cooking time and cost: High infiltration allows the food to cook down and hot quickly and saves up to 20% of fuel expenses.

3. Eliminate fatigue feeling: no sour makes you feel light; no poison makes your brain clear; no tiresome feeling at driving and easy to get up in the morning.

4. Get rid of dust: Used in water washed clothes in great amount may get rid of dust and bacteria… reduce the consumption of the detergent.

5. Clear the bruise and ease the pain: Calcium may mend the tissues of the bruise, high infiltration alkaline water may quickly ease the pain and reduce the inflammation, proliferate the cells.

•  Prevent the bug stinging and biting: external use alkaline water may neutralize the bug poison; internal use alkaline water may create alkaline body character to reduce the stinging.

•  Neutralize intestine acid poison: quickly neutralize the intestine acid poison, reduce the risk of diarrhea or shock.

•  Remove pet smell: external use alkaline water may inhibit bacteria, reduce skin problem from happening (excellent effect on antiseptic of fish tank).

•  Best effect on plant restoration: Flower shop or vegetable booth used this for water losing or withered plant restoration has excellent effect.


Explanation 6 :
The recent report on mass media regarding “Calcium Ion Alkaline Water” and “Calcium Ion Alkaline Water” is not electrolytic water.


(1) Heading: Functional water: quench thirsty and care health June 6, 2003 (excerpt) Crystal Newspaper/Edictor: Lin Yu-Jin http://www.sznews.com/n/ca366041.htm


In drink market this year, the competition on barrel pack water is still very keen, and the major actors on the competition are still the mineral water and purified water. At the same time, all kinds of functional waters have quietly entered into the water market of Shenzhen to win the heart of the consumers with its special health care function.

The craft of the functional water is complicated and due to it has unique health care function that the cost is higher. Yongcheng Active Calcium Ion Water is one of the most representative functional waters in Shenzhen city. It has added in the Calplus powder in the manufacturing process to activate the water quality. Active Calcium Ion Water not only has the function of purified water, such as: supplement internal body moisture, get rid of the harmful impurity to human body, but also has the function of mineral water that may quench the thirsty, supplement the minerals required by human body, and good taste, etc., advantages. In addition, Active Calcium Ion Water is also the kind of water present unique weak alkaline.

It contains all kinds of minerals but mainly calcium and is in balanced ratio. Due to the water molecule group is small with strong penetration, which the minerals and nutritive elements are especially helpful for human body absorption. It may also purify the blood, dissolve the impurity inside the body; regulate human blood to achieve acid/alkaline balance effect. The experiment indicated drinking Active Calcium Ion Water at a long-term basis also has certain poison discharge and beauty care effect. Currently the distilled water is sold more than 40 Renminbi and more barrel pack water is sold less than 20 Renminbi, while the newly presented Active Calcium Ion Water is sold 28 Renminbi, which is a moderate price.

  (2) Heading: Yongcheng “Calplus Water” is hot in the water market

Yongcheng “Calplus Water” is hot in the functional water market

May 28, 2003 Shenzhen Business Paper
  Current situation of water market

According to the report of our newspaper: Recently there has been some kind of functional water – Calplus water, which was sold well here in Shenzhen market.

It is reported Yongcheng Active Calcium Ion Water Co., Ltd. of Taiwan has introduced in the technique of such water that applied the world advanced “ion exchange water purification method” treatment technique. It neutralized the acid ion to balance the acid and alkaline of the water through ion exchange to make the suspending micro-molecules in the water filtered and precipitated. Its raw material is a group of minerals mainly the calcium, such as: Oyster shell, Pearl shell, Stalactite, Agate, high function active carbon, etc., materials to mix with natural sea salt in required ratio upon washing, classification and grinding. Then go through high-tech electrolysis to make into the Calplus water. It contains rich human body needed minerals and may sufficiently supplement human body needed calcium that it can be used as everyday drinking water and can also be used as the functional health care drink.

It is understood that the company set the target customer group on white collar and golden collar consuming level, thus once the product was put on the market, it was widely pursued by great population of consumers. The physical character of such water is: small molecule group, strong infiltration ability, high vitality, strong antiseptic, remove the acid poison inside human body, discharge the humidity and heat inside human body.

Calplus water has the function to purify the blood, eliminate the inflammation, skin and beauty care, regulate the endocrine, strengthen up the immunity, strongly neutralize the poison and alcohol, enhance internal organs being active and strengthening, supplement calcium ion, and strengthen up the skeleton, etc. Besides, it has certain supplementary effects on high blood pressure, digestion problems, obesity, etc. It is said that such product has passed the inspection and approval of national health and quarantine department and the authority departments of international health organizations, and it has met the functional drinking water standard. (Yung Hsiang)


(3) Heading: Active water initiates the 4 th generation water revolution (excerpt) June 12, 2003


Shenzhen District Newspaper /Wang Horng-Chin, Lin Yu-Jin


Natural water such as: spring water, well water, river water can be called the first generation drinking water; the second generation drinking water is the tap water being treated; the third generation drinking water is the mineral water, purified water and distilled water, while the active water presented in recent years is called the fourth generation drinking water.

Having been in the market as early as February 2001, the “Blue 2000 Active Water” was the first active water brand in Shenzhen R&D by Shenzhen City Mawan Technology Development Co., Ltd. under the Shenzhen Energy Department.

The current drinking water products sold at home or abroad have all been the research of water solution. In other word, it is to find out the kinds and contents of microelement on all kinds of products, while the production technique of active water is to study the structure of water molecule and high efficiently turn the molecule structure of normal water into the structure best for human health. For example, “Yongcheng Active Calcium Ion Water” has applied the world advanced “ion exchange water purification method” to neutralize the acid ion to balance the acid and alkaline of the water through ion exchange to make the suspending micro-molecules in the water filtered and precipitated. What is it different from other active water is such water has applied ion exchange method to produce active water first, then add in a group of mineral raw materials mainly the Calplus.

Calplus is made of shell, pearl, agate, coral, stalactite, etc., raw materials to mix with natural sea salt in required ratio upon washing, classification and grinding. Then go through high-tech electrolysis to make the nutritious health care product. It has been approved with invention patent at Japan and Taiwan and served a wide range of purposes. Due to it evenly contains all kinds of mineral elements required by human body and is rich and high in calcium content. It not only can be added into the functional health care products for drinking, but also can be used as high quality everyday drinking water.

In recent years at the market, there were mineral water, purified water, and space water, etc, different kinds, brands, types of drinking water presenting in front of us. However, according to scientific research, only active water can solve the basic human body needs. In other word, less molecule group connection, pure, hygienic and healthy active water has been attracting more and more consumers. Its market potential is tremendous.

“Yongcheng Active Calcium Ion Water” that has just put out on market in May 2003 is selling more and more in dramatic speed, which has enabled the plant with an annual output of 2.5 million gallons of Active Calcium Ion Water. It is said this product has passed the inspection and approval of national health and quarantine department and the authority departments of Hong Kong and international health organizations.


Ⅲ、 Methods:


•  Water plant is limited to purchase 1 Kg of Calplus water purification powder.

•  Promotional specialist visiting our plant to make a briefing for using method.

•  Experience exchange and answer the objection.

•  Water plant incoming goods quota is one ton (for once) at the beginning.

The annual quota for each plant is limited to 50 tons.